All the info you need to know.

Transportation & location

Otis Mountain is a small ski hill in Elizabethtown, New York. The mountain is located a short distance from Interstate 87 and from Lake Champlain.

Lobdell Lane, Elizabethtown NY, 12932

By Car
5 hours from Boston
5 hours from New York
2 hours from Montreal
1.5 hours from Burlington
2 hours from Albany

We strongly suggest carpooling with friends, or by visiting our ride share page to carpool with other attendees.

By Bike
For those really looking for an adventure you can access Otis by bike. Otis is about 2 hours by bike from the Essex Charlotte ferry (on the New York side).

Parking & On-site Transportation
Parking is located on Lobdell Lane, approximately .35 miles from the gate.

Parking lots will open Friday at 12pm and will close Sunday at 2pm.

Shuttle transportation to the gate will be provided Friday 12pm—10pm and Saturday 9am—7pm. No Sunday Shuttle Service.

It is a 6-minute (.35 mile) walk from general parking to the front gate.

Parking is included with the purchase of a weekend pass.

Ticketing & Box Office

Weekend Passes
Tickets will not be available at the door. Do not purchase tickets from any other third party.

All weekend passes include parking, camping and free entry for children 12 and under when accompanied by an adult. There are no day passes. Tickets are non-refundable, rain or shine.

Check in & Box Office
Gates open at 2pm on Friday, September 6th and close at 10pm. On Saturday, September 7th, they open at 9am and close at 6pm.

When checking in, you will need a printed or mobile copy of your ticket or the name of your reservation. Have your ID ready. You will be required to acknowledge our liability waiver. All bags are subject to search.

Once you have been checked in you will be given an event wristband that must stay on your wrist the entire time you are at the event. As long as you keep your wristband on you can leave and return to the venue.

Confirmation & Transfer
If you did not receive a confirmation email or ticket, check your spam folder. You can also log in to your Eventbrite account to find your ticket. Tickets are transferable by logging in to your Eventbrite account and changing the name on the ticket. You can email info@otismountain.com with ticketing questions.


On Friday, gates will be open 2pm—10pm.
On Saturday gates will be open 9am—6pm.

Friday Music starts at 3:30pm with scheduled sets until 2am.

Saturday performances begin at 11:30am, running until 2am, with a brief break in music for siesta at 3:45pm.

Sunday there will be no music, with attendees expected to head out before noon.


Everything at the venue is within walking distance. There are also stores just a quick drive from the venue if there is anything else you might need.

Food & Drink
There will be a range of great food options available that can accommodate most diets. You are also welcome to bring and prepare your own food. Stay tuned for the complete vendor list.

Alcohol will not be sold at the event.

Bring cash — not all vendors accept credit cards.

Important note: any glass containers will be confiscated at the gate. That includes everything from glass peanut butter jars & pyrex containers to bottles. If it’s in glass, it will not pass.

Water, Bathrooms & Power
There will be portable bathrooms and a water filling station. There are no showers and there is no bathing or dishwashing allowed at the filling station. There is no electricity available to attendees and generators are not allowed.

Rules & Prohibited Items

In order to host a safe event for everyone we have a handful of rules that must be followed. Any behavior that we feel violates are code of conduct will be grounds for removal from event grounds.See our Code of Conduct for more info.

No harassment, unwanted touching, or attention.

No overindulging of intoxicants.

No underage drinking.

No drug-use.

No selling booze, food, or merch without a vendor permit.

No fires in undesignated areas.

Prohibited Items
No pets of any kind.
(Licensed service animals only.)

No glass of any kind.

No illegal drugs of any kind.
(Prescription allowed in original container with ID to match prescription)

No weapons.

No fireworks, generators, large speakers, laser pointers, motorized vehicles or drones.

Safety & Respect

Security & Medical
We take safety at our event seriously. There are trained security and medical teams on duty at all hours.

There are ambulances on-site and local emergency transportation and police forces can be contacted if needed. The nearest hospital is a few minutes away in Elizabethtown.

The medical tent is a safe space for any emergency you may have.

To ensure safety, security reserves the right to search any bag or person at any time while they are on festival grounds.

Health & Common Sense
Take care of yourself throughout the weekend. Stay hydrated, eat well, and dress appropriately for the weather and temperatures.
You’ll be scrambling around the fields, forests, and trails all over Otis, and the weather is ever-changing. Be prepared!

If you require any medications, bring them. If they are prescription keep them in their original container and have ID that matches the prescription.

By purchasing a ticket you are releasing Otis Mountain, and all involved parties of any liability.

Any activity your partake in is at your own risk. Play smart, folks!

We must all respect the mountain, its neighbors, and each other to ensure that we can continue hosting this festival for years to come.No littering or altering site.Be respectful of the mountain, and each other.See our Code of Conduct.


We do everything in our control to host a sustainable event, but we need your help to do even better. Recycling and compost receptacles are located throughout the site.

Do your part by recycling while on site, using reusable containers instead of single use plastics, and by limiting the amount of trash you bring on site.

Pack it in, pack it out.

Reusable water bottles, mugs, and utensils will be available for purchase.

Arrive with a full car of humans! Carpooling is one of the best ways to reduce your footprint.


The show goes on, rain or shine. In the event of an extreme weather incident that threatens the safety of attendees the event may be canceled. There will be no ticket refunds on behalf of the weather.September in the Adirondacks brings a mixed bag of weather, and it’s often cold at night. Dress appropriately by avoiding cotton layers, and bringing extra dry, warm clothing.In regards to footwear, bear in mind that the ground is all dirt, which may include mud after some rain.

In short: Otis happens in the woods. The woods are outside. Dress and pack accordingly.