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The perfect way to celebrate the end of summer in the heart of the Adirondacks.


Expect the unexpected.

Bringing artists and audiences together is the goal behind everything at Otis. Whether it’s a band you’ve never heard of or a genre you never knew you liked, we hope our lineup allows you to think about music differently and gives you an opportunity to enjoy and support new artists after the weekend is over.


Get up close & personal.

We take pride in being a human scale festival. We hold to a comfortable, sustainable capacity that allows the connection between artist and attendees to be unparelled.


This old-time ski hill in the Adirondacks welcomes friends, strangers and family alike.

It’s one of those places you drive to, not through. Boasting tall pines, meandering rivers, little or no cell-service, hand built stages and mossy wooded campgrounds scattered with relics of the past, Otis is a true hidden gem of the Champlain Valley.


We built this community around creativity, and the music is just the beginning.

Otis Mountain is all at once a venue, a meeting place, and a space to experiment and create. So don’t be surprised when you stumble upon works of art, architecture and all kinds of bizarre through the woods.


Get more out of your weekend.

Get the ball rolling with this many artists, craftspeople, innovators, creators, and community builders, and workshops will almost happen on their own. From casual conversations to demos and lessons, there are plenty of opportunities to engage.


Eat well, be well.

Eating well is important when you're expelling this amount of energy. We source regional vendors to provide a wide range for all diets. From snacks to multiple courses, this ain't your average camping meal.


Otis has played host to a community of creatives and outdoor lovers for the better part of a century.

From its roots in the 1950’s as a local ski hill to present day, one thing never changed: Otis exists because of doers. Those who believe that benefiting the community that surrounds them will always outvalue monetary gains.

Lend a hand.

Otis wouldn’t happen without the small army of individuals who volunteer their time, sweat, and services. Join the fun, and find out how it feels to make roughly 1600 people smile for three days straight.

Join us

In our tenth year on the mountain, the Otis community continues to thrive and grow.

In 2013 we were searching for a place to play. Instead we found a home. We've worked hard ever since to produce an experience that encourages new and meaningful interactions with art, music, the outdoors and each other. If you have any questions about what we do or want to get involved in anyway feel free to reach out.