Help us make it all happen.

It takes a lot to pull off a music festival, and we definitely could not pull it off without help from our wonderful volunteers.

Applications to volunteer will be live in May. We accept volunteers based on past experience with us and quality of application.


Some shifts require the ability to stand for 2-3 hours and move items up to 50 pounds.

If you are unable to perform any of the required tasks, or have questions, please let us know at volunteers@otismountain.com.

Volunteers must have a Weekend Pass.

If you’ve been accepted as a volunteer, but were not able to purchase a ticket, we will send you a link for a Volunteer Weekend Pass Deposit.

Completion of assigned work hours.

Arrive 10 minutes early to your shift clear-headed, in your tee shirt, and ready to work.

Please respect the volunteer tee shirt and only wear it while you're working.


Early Thursday Entry

Your pick of campsites and an extra night at Otis to settle in.

Full Weekend Pass reimbursement

Reimbursement takes place after the event as long as you have completed your assigned shifts to our expectation.

Volunteer T-Shirt

Preference in future applications.


Front Gate

The Front Gate crew is one of the first friendly faces attendees see when they get to Otis. These volunteers will be responsible for admitting attendees into the festival, handling ticket sales, distributing wristbands, processing will-call ticket reservations, and filing waivers. There will also be additional duties, like checking passes in the parking lot and handing out trash bags.

High energy work environment, attention to detail, and personal skills a must.


These volunteers are responsible for the running and supervising activities and workshops. Activities will occur on Saturday afternoon and may run on a different schedule from the rest of the volunteer shifts. Some volunteers will act as an Otis representative or assistant for the various workshops that will take place during the festival, other volunteers will run events camp counselor style.


The Merch Table is the epicenter of our festival, it serves as an information hub and the place where attendees can purchase Otis or performer’s merch. Volunteers will keep track of and sell Otis Mountain merchandise, record sales, help bands set up / take down their shops, and answer questions from patrons.

Detail oriented, local knowledge, main stage view.


We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint at the Get Down and as part of our sustainability team you will help us keep the festival grounds clear of trash, hand out trash bags, and implement our recycling program.

Roving shift, nothing can tie you down, passion for trash encouraged.

Sunday Cleanup

Once the festival is finished we have a responsibility to Mother Nature to clean up after ourselves. Tasks will include picking up & sorting micro (and probably some macro) trash & recycling, handing out trash bags, and directing people to waste bins.

This is a dirty job, but it's a one-n' done shift, you won’t miss any music or weekend activities. Be the change we want to see in this fest.